I'm Rebecca.


Writing, coding, and designing is what I do.

Writing, coding, and designing is what I do.

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Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be an author. At the age of nine, I started writing Bunnicula fanfiction before I even knew what “fanfiction” was. Later I’d move on to writing original ficton and poetry, of which you can find some examples here. Though I still write traditionally, I grew interested in writing code and designing for the responsive web back in 2015. My toolset includes JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Figma, among others (and of course HTML/CSS!). I'm particularly interested in, and am in the process of learning ES6, React, Gulp, and Node.js.

Drawing upon a degree in psychology, the user experience of website or application is what I work on prioritizing first. The web’s for people - technology is for people - and one can't lose sight of that truth.

I endeavor to always be a student. Beyond technology, I'm interested in foreign languages, photography, and most any form of art. I also enjoy video games and crisp, cool weather.

here’s some of my work:

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